Original Origami Sculptures and Artworks

Other Artworks


These paintings and drawings are inspired from and directly related to my Origami sculptures. Creating these 2 Dimensional images begins with a formula on how to mathematically approach a more simple geometric form and allow it to expand in complexity through the consistent application of math that is unrelated to what the form looks like and directly related to a process of symmetry, rotation, reflection, repetition, and mirrored images. In a sense I know how I am going to build a specific design based not upon what I want or think the final product should look like but rather by using mathematical principles related to how the geometry varies. Due to the nature of this mathematical approach the finished product is more of a result and surprise than a preconceived geometric form. This gives you the blueprint for creating designs that have a concrete and yet visually unknown solution. This allows my work to continually evolve; making my geometric forms more complex creates an exponentially increasing amount of potential designs. Nearly every design I create theoretically expands infinitely in all directions and each specific painting or drawing is a representation of a physical geometric space that exists within these infinite patterns.